Professional Endorsements

Ken Tanenbaum

Executive Chairman, Coca-Cola Canada Bottling Limited and Vice Chairman, Kilmer Van Nostrand Co. Limited

“Ed is a masterful navigator of complex brownfield issues and is a genuinely kind and even keeled individual. He is able to take account of the full range of stakeholder concerns, and effectively bridge to solutions and avoid conflict. I have had the privilege of working with Ed for a number of years and would not hesitate to recommend him to others.”

Coca Cola

Dave Harper

President, Kilmer Brownfield Management Limited

“I have known Ed professionally for almost 20 years in his mission to responsibly address asset management and environmental matters.  We have worked together on many challenging fronts with a variety of owners, regulators and stakeholders.  His professional experience is broad and he has represented some of the largest and most significant owners of contaminated real estate in the petroleum sector.  He has proven knowledge in assessing and managing environmental liabilities and has facilitated very sophisticated transactions.  I would strongly recommend his unique skill set as a practicing consultant to any business facing complex environmental matters.  He is a dedicated professional who is driven to deliver the best possible business outcome.”

Mark Conway

President, N. Barry Lyon Consultants Limited

“Ed is an exceptional professional blended with the tenacity necessary to work through complex problems alongside other professionals towards creative and cost-effective solutions.”

Darren McDougall

Owner, McDougall Energy Inc.

“I have known and worked with Ed for 30+ years. He has extensive environmental management experience, extensive oil industry knowledge and brings a professional approach to helping companies manage the complexities around environmental management.  I can focus on my business and Ed focuses on supporting, managing and evaluating risks with our environmental matters on our behalf.”

Frank Sarlo

VP Law & HR, McDougall Energy Inc.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ed for the past four years on a number of environmental due diligence and remediation matters, both in his capacity as VP Environmental Management and as a business consultant for McDougall Energy.  Ed has exhibited a great ability to breakdown the complexities and application of environmental regulations and recommend practical and effective courses of action to address environmental challenges. He maintains great relationships with environmental remediation consultants and experts in the field, and is impeccable in his cost and progress reporting.  I would highly recommend Ed to anyone looking for advice and advisory services on environmental or remediation matters.”

Natalie Mullins

Partner, Certified Specialist (Litigation and Environmental Law), Gowling WLG

“I have worked closely with Ed for over a decade on various matters pertaining to contaminated sites.  Ed is extremely knowledgeable about brownfields and brings a unique skill set to the table. With his extensive experience in managing environmental risk, his understanding of competing stakeholder interests, and his aptitude for negotiation, Ed is well equipped to help businesses navigate complicated issues surrounding contaminated sites and achieve positive results.  Ed is dedicated to his profession, has good business judgment, and is truly a pleasure to work with.”

Lana Finney

Partner, Certified Specialist (Environmental Law), DLA Piper (Canada) LLP

“I have observed Ed managing contaminated sites over the course of the last two decades.  Our work engagements have always involved contaminated sites that were the subject of litigation, or under the threat of litigation; a situation which adds an additional layer of complexity.  Ed excels in managing these challenging files, which inevitably involves dealing with many different stakeholders and interests.  He grasps the commercial, regulatory, legal and reputational issues at play, and how to effectively balance them to achieve the client’s objective.”

Mary Ellen Bench

City Solicitor, City of Mississauga (retired)

“I first met Ed over ten years ago when I was City Solicitor at the City of Mississauga, and the City wanted to extend the Waterfront Trail across the front of a Port Credit brownfield property owned by Imperial Oil. Right from the start I was impressed with Ed’s openness to consider options to make this work. Through the whole process Ed was very professional, respectful of the community, and brought his knowledge of various approaches to environmental matters that would allow this to happen, to the table. I was so impressed by Ed’s knowledge in the brownfield redevelopment field that I asked him to be part of a panel at a conference on provincial-municipal liability that I was co-chairing. He has the professional knowledge, skills, contacts and integrity to provide assistance regarding pretty much any level of environmental issue.

Later when Imperial Oil was considering options for the site, Ed handled all of the community meetings, bringing a team of experts with him to answer residents questions. Contamination was a huge issue and residents were certain the land was beyond saving. He earned the trust and respect of all, despite the challenging issues that needed to be addressed. The site is now under development for a significant new community. I would not hesitate to recommend Ed. He has the professional knowledge, skills, contacts and integrity to provide assistance regarding pretty much any level of environmental issue.”

Gerry Parrott

Founder, BlueFrog Environmental Consulting Inc.

“Consummate professional. Extremely knowledgeable and able to bridge the gap for stakeholders between technical maters and business drivers. Especially valuable to help stick handle the often-tricky due diligence stage of acquisitions and divestments for the benefit of both the buyer and seller.”

Thomas Franz

Senior Consultant, Past President, Arcadis Canada Inc.

“For about 15 years, I have worked with Ed on a variety of complex environmental projects that were headed for, or in litigation, or under regulatory order.  His positive personality, strong work ethic, honest communication, strategic thinking and focus on the project goals achieved successful outcomes in all of these projects.  Ed comes across as a fair and collaborative professional with a “no-nonsense” approach.   I’d recommend Ed to anyone who has to manage risks from environmental liability or find solutions to complex and controversial environmental problems.”