Who We Are

My name is Ed Charlton, founder of Ed Charlton Consulting Inc.

I’ve spent 30 years working in Canada’s oil and gas sector, having benefitted from a fulfilling career with Imperial Oil and most recently a short stint with one of Canada’s largest and fastest growing privately held petroleum distributors.

Working for a large, disciplined company like Imperial Oil, who at one time owned and operated thousands of retail and bulk distribution terminals across Canada, enabled my career to span the full life cycle of downstream operations from site development to generating ever increasing asset utilization through organic growth of base business and consolidation to fewer, higher productivity sites, to site divestment for change in land use – cradle to grave as often referred to in industry.

What We Do

We provide 30+ years of diverse and in-depth experience covering all elements of your business without having to develop the human resource talent and experience that can only be refined to excellence over time.

Here’s what you get when you hire us:

  • Extensive business, real estate, risk and liability management expertise, including vendor and associate relationship management, sales & marketing, government, public and media relations
  • Specialized expertise in remediation and divestment of environmentally impacted lands including environmental liability management for mergers and acquisitions representing Vendors and Purchasers.
  • Expert communication and stakeholder engagement skills attested through many successes with the Ministry of Environment Conservation and Parks (MECP), provincial municipalities, community association groups and environmental litigants.
  • Proven negotiation expertise, sound business judgment, and timely decision-making to achieve client’s business objectives.

Why Hire Us

  • For buyers or sellers in the downstream petroleum sector
  • 30+ years proven experience without the long-term investment into human resource development
  • Translating complex matters into simpler concepts to a high quality of standards Simplify your search for environmental consultants & lawyers
  • Get best value for your project management costs

Whether you’re a buyer or seller,  you have a business to run in Canada’s rapidly consolidating downstream petroleum sector. Opportunity can knock at any time and I can help ready your business for that moment, while you focus on maintaining a healthy organization and strong EBITDA in a highly competitive business climate.

With my expertise on your side, you get 30+ years of proven experience in all elements of the downstream petroleum industry with specialized expertise in environmental liability management, but without the investment and long-term commitment to human resource development.

You don’t have time nor the critical mass of work for that anyways!  I understand your business and will simplify what may otherwise seem complex, and to a standard of quality and professionalism that’s second to none. I can simplify your search for environmental consultants and environmental lawyers when required; a potentially daunting task given the alternatives and the critical need to get it right. And of course, cost and project management.

Through structured request for proposal (RFP) processes and lean project management, I can guarantee best value. And because the network of qualified professionals I draw upon, like me, bring decades of proven experience, quality work is assured. My goal is to become your trusted partner, always meeting your expectations every step of the way to satisfactory project completion.  It all begins with listening, so please contact me today for a free consult.

I look forward to understanding your business objectives, taking some of the guesswork out of your challenges, and most importantly becoming that trusted partner in the attainment of your business goals. Ed Charlton Consulting Inc. – Easing your mind through simplification of the complex